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Yetishare V4 2 Nulled Themes - __FULL__

- Fix to downgrade_accounts.cron.php cron task.- Fix to avoid new geoip functions breaking when there's no IP passed.- Fix to internal API delete file endpoint.- Other minor improvements and fixes.Yetishare Plugins:- Minio File Storage:--- New plugin.--- Store your files on Minio based S3 storage.--- Direct download using pre-signed URLs supported.- Wasabi File Storage:--- Added missing S3 endpoints.Release notes: To apply the update from v5.3.0, simply upload the following files to your install:- /app/controllers/AccountDownloadController.class.php- /app/controllers/AccountFileController.class.php- /app/core/Framework.class.php- /app/helpers/AdminApiHelper.class.php- /app/helpers/StatsHelper.class.php- /app/helpers/UserHelper.class.php- /themes/spirit/assets/js/evolution.js- /themes/spirit/controllers/IndexController.class.php- /themes/spirit/views/account/partial/_preview_download.html.twig- /themes/spirit/views/index.html.twig

Yetishare V4 2 Nulled Themes -


- PHP v8.0 support.- 2FA integration for site login.--- New admin site settings option to enable the feature.--- User can enable/disable 2FA via account settings.--- Admin area option to reset 2FA by user.--- User login process updated to prompt for 2FA, if enabled.--- Admin login has separate prompt for 2FA, if enabled.- Social login updated to request 2FA, if enabled.- Admin option to purge application cache on file servers aswell as the main local server.- File referrer lock. Added optional account setting to whitelist referring domains on file download links. If set, only the set domains can link to files outside of the site.- Added API documentation page on the front-end of the site. Option to disable via admin site settings.- Added "duplicate file to account" button on file preview page so files can be easily copied.- Performance improvement to md5 hash generation for large files.- Admin area site setting option to disable md5 file hashing over certain file sizes. Resolves md5_file() performance issues on low resource hosts.- Added reason for file removal on delete. For example, admin/user removed, copyright claim or system expired. Shown when trying to access the download url.- Added option to set download pages by file type aswell as account type.- Improved system logging within the upload process.- Improved file manager "Copy Urls to Clipboard" to include all selected folders rather than just the current.- Added UID to each log session to simplify reviewing log history.- Minor file manager UI improvements. Including left-clicking to clear selected, context menu & drag start location tidy ups and selected folder reload on paging.- Various Spirit theme responsive view improvements.- Improvement to layout when viewing the register page on smaller height resolutions.- Improved file meta description and keywords tags for SEO.- Moved caching of used server storage space value into cron task, rather than each file upload, for better performance.- Updated loading of file by shortUrl so it is case sensitive.- Added support for SSH keys aswell as passwords, in file server SSH connection details.- Updated token download urls for media so they always includes the filename, for third party player compatibility.- Added catch in core database class for "SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away" errors. Attempts to reconnect rather than exiting.- Fix to video playback on Safari when not using XSendFile or XAccelRedirect.- Fix to enforce UTF8 character encoding on email sending.- Fixed issue which caused some cache files to not be queued for deletion on 'direct' file servers.- Fixed logo within emails so it's replaced with the one set via the theme settings.- Fixed issue with admin area delete user function, which sometimes caused uploaded files not to be removed.- Fixed double icon issue when file preview "Show Thumbnails" option disabled.- Fixed issue with erroneous HTML being output on uploader when file previewer plugin disabled.- Fixed issue with "download as zip" to ensure the zip file name on the server is always unique.- Ensured folderHash is set on folder creation within the file import plugin.- Fix to "Query Type" wording on contact email notification.- Fix to paid account expiry date not working on API account edit.Plugins:- Stripe:--- Upgraded to offsite payment API.- Rewards:--- Improvement to cookie clearing on affiliate tracking.--- Fix to unique index on 'plugin_reward_aggregated' which may cause DB errors.--- Note DB changes for this plugin release in:----- \plugins\rewards\offline\upgrade_sql_statements\v21 - v22.sql- File Leech:--- Migrated to v5.- Archive Manager:--- Added detailed logging.--- Added options to set full zip/rar binary paths in plugin settings. Solves some cron task issues in certain environments.--- Added support for connecting to file servers using SSH keys aswell as passwords.- File Previewer:--- Performance improvement on thumbnail generation cron.- Media Converter:--- Added support for connecting to file servers using SSH keys aswell as passwords.- FTP Plugin:--- Added passive mode admin option.--- Fixed CORS issue on import, when using an external file server as the FTP host.- S3 Storage:--- Moved actual S3 file deletes into the file action queue to improve performance.- Wasabi Storage:--- Moved actual Wasabi file deletes into the file action queue to improve performance.Release notes: There are database changes with this release. Please apply the SQL in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v5.2.0.sql. Upload the following folder contents to apply the code changes:/app/plugins/themesPlease see the script documentation for other upgrade guidance.

- Support for previewing text based files. Including syntax highlighting on code such as JS, CSS, HTML and PHP.- Support for subtitles on videos (srt, vtt and txt). Ensure subtitle file named the same and in the same folder to use.- Improved adblock detection, including an admin option to set the advert detection code JS filename.- Added admin email notification when accounts pending approval.- Added support for multiple paid packages on the upgrade page.- Added optional captcha on report file form.- Re-enabled progress upload on "remote url download".- Added popup to select destination folder in file manager copy files.- Ensured all "direct" file servers route file urls via the main site url.- Fixed issue where file preview cache files sometimes not being scheduled for removal within the file action queue.- Fixed incorrect "Unlimited" available storage label on account edit page when over storage limit.- Improved memory usage on banned ip data purge.- Added fileHash and whether a file is a duplicate on admin, edit file popup.- Added option in file preview settings to not show the details page when not logged in. i.e. file urls will trigger a download.- Blocked autocomplete input on uploader 'additional options'. i.e. email and password input.- Theme settings - additional error checking on file system permissions for logo upload. Removal of exif_imagetype dependency.- Fix to ensure when admin previews any file, the download button is shown.- Fix to hide trial user upload button on the homepage if account registration is disabled in site settings.- Fix to "Mark all read" link on internal account notifications.- Fix to block future uploads feature not setting the blocked file hash.- Fix to file server .htaccess download when adding new file server.Existing Plugins:- S3 Storage:--- Support for range header. Enables media skipping and better download manager support.- Wasabi Storage:--- Support for range header. Enables media skipping and better download manager support.--- Direct download support (pre-signed urls).- Torrent Download:--- Minor bug fixes and improvements.- Skrill Plugin:--- Migrated to v5.Release notes: There are minor database changes with this release. Please apply the SQL in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v5.1.0.sql. Uploadthe following folder contents to apply the code changes:/app/plugins/themesPlease see the script documentation for other upgrade guidance.

- Fixed javascript issue when restricting uploads by file type.- Fixed issue with the delete redundant files task.- Added better logging in background processes.Release notes: There are no database changes in this release. To apply the updatefrom the last release, simply upload the following files:- /app/controllers/FileController.class.php- /app/core/Framework.class.php- /app/helpers/FileHelper.class.php- /app/helpers/FileActionHelper.class.php- /app/models/File.class.php- /themes/spirit/views/account/partial/_uploader_javascript.html.twig

- Added total file downloads to file manager list view.- Added "Copy Links" button after file upload complete.- Made hiding the uploader popup after uploading complete an admin option.- Added service email sending to Newsletter Plugin.- Fix to PayPal IPN callback sometimes not working. Better logging added.- Fix to PayPal subscription redirect issue.- Fix to SolveMedia captcha not rendering.- Fix to temp accounts not upgrading when logged in via social authentication.- Fix to analytics code on video/audio embed pages.- Css fix to per page menu on mobile view.- Added plugin menus to account top-right menu so they're visible on mobile.- Fix to show custom package names on the top-right of the file manager.Release notes: There are minor database changes with this release. Please apply the SQL in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v5.0.1.sql. The list of changes code is in /install/resources/upgrade_file_diffs/v5.0.0_to_v5.0.1_DIFF.txt, although uploadingthe following folder contents will also apply the code changes:/app (all content apart from 'libraries' folder)/plugins/themesPlease see the script documentation for other upgrade guidance. 350c69d7ab


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